Our Approach




Anarosh has a very simple, but effective system. The premise is, that we do not give away money. The effect of collaborating with local firms, organizations or shops such as book vendors or similar is much greater. Jewel oversees the organization respectively all purchases of supplies for the Anarosh Children and keeps the foundation up to date. Thitherto everything has run smoothly – many thanks!


Who is entitled to our support?


Not an easy question to answer, since there are plenty children who need support, which makes the decision of selecting rather difficult. Jewel plays an important role here once again, since he has a better understanding of the local needs. A strong interest as well as enthusiasm is a mandatory component to be approved for the Anarosh program. After being enrolled, Jewel works out an individual plan for each student respectively family. We make it a priority to enroll students of different ages; thus the Anarosh children can profit from one another.


Revenues and expenses


The basic income of the Anarosh Foundation originates from a fund provided by Hubert Koekenberg. For the time being, the costs of the Anarosh foundation are balanced on a yearly basis. Jewel is compensated for his effective work. The notary as well as the fiduciary offer their services on a beneficial basis.



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