The sweet taste of a small, ripe pineapple is unforgettable. The same can be said for the cheerful people of Bangladesh and the outmost respectful encounters with the people of Bangladesh.


My first journey through this fascinating country began in Dhaka, the capital city. Dhaka is a vibrant city with more than 16 million inhabitants. Ongoing traffic chaos prevails, an actual chorus of horns, which will be immediately present to everyone who has gotten to experience this chorus before.


From Dhaka I continued my travels by land and air to Sundarban. The Mangrove Forests as well as the endless white beaches with tracks of the Bengal tiger alongside footprints of human flip flops allow an insight into a marvelous world of awe.


Thereafter I traveled up into the Hills to visit the Tripura, the Bawn and the Marma tribes. All three tribes live in small groups in the southeast of Bangladesh. The tribes’ maintenance of their traditions as well as the adherence of their religion has lead to severe disputes in the past. Meanwhile the acceptance of the tribes has grown, protective measures have been made.


Onwards my journey continued to Chittagong, a seaport city in the east of Bangladesh. In Chittagong ships from all over the world are collected, dismantled and recycled in an impressive shipyard. The working conditions are alarming, unimaginable in our western society. Nevertheless, thousands of people earn their living in this shipyard.


The clash of the great poverty with the incredibly beautiful encounters with the people have moved me such, that I have come to the conclusion to do something charitable for Bangladesh. Thus, I am dedicated to facilitate an education for the children of Bangladesh in need. For a better future.


Barca Nova, jun 22 2009 Hubert Koekenberg




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