About Anarosh


The foundation Ekta Anarosh has set its focus on the region directly north of Dhaka.


The local team consists of Elisabeth Fahrni Manusr and Jewel Monstafizur Rahman.


Elisabeth is the force behind the ecology group Mowgliz (…). Together with her husband Rubalyat Mansur Mowgli she has campaigned for years for the nature conservation of the overly vulnerable Sundraban Delta.


Jewel is a people’s person and has a great knowledge over Bangladesh. He is the founder of the Royal Bengal Tours firm, ever reliable – whether for tourists or international film crews – and most of all, Jewel is greatly concerned by and for his home country and his fellow countrymen. Students


Ekta Anarosh wishes to provide long-term support for elementary school as well as continuing education. The selection of students is met by Jewel in collaboration with the respective headmasters of the schools and is reviewed and evaluated on a yearly basis.


Depending on the financial situation of the respective family, the school achievements as well as the individual future perspectives, it is decided whether a student can/may participate in the Anarosh program. The individual life situation as well as the individual school achievements of every student are evaluated yearly. On the basis of the evaluation, it is decided whether the student shall be supported for a further year. At this evaluation Jewel, the student, a teacher as well as the family of the student are present.


Student financing


The following amount can be taken as a guideline; an average on a yearly basis, per student:


- Elementary School: €55

- High School: €185 for girls, €200 for boys

- College: depending on the location respectively on the distance between the domicile and the College

- University: €550


Duration of Education


1. Elementary School: 5 years

2. High School: 5 years

3. College: 3 years

4. University: 4 to 6 years




- The school books for elementary school are generally provided by the government

- Girls do not have to pay school tuition for high school

- The school books which Anarosh acquires for the Anarosh students are collected at the end of the school year to be used repeatedly


Private tutoring


- In case of the need of additional support with learning due to analphabetism of the students’ parents, older students enrolled in the Anarosh program will provide private tutoring. In return, the tutors will receive rice, lentils or kettle on a monthly basis




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